"PLAYFUL BOOKS" の事前予約を開始しましたNow accepting pre-orders of "PLAYFUL BOOKS"

date: 2014.09.0809/08/2014

"PLAYFUL BOOKS"はスマートフォンをセットして体験性を拡張できる、魔法のような絵本です。


「くれよんのかくれんぼ」「こん こん こん」の2タイトルの絵本を10月末より出荷開始します。


PLAYFUL BOOKS – Magical Picture Books Designed to Enhance the Reading Experience with Smartphones.

Specialized picture books that combine with smartphone capabilities elevate the traditional reading experience. Sound effects, background music and lighting that are tailored to the page being read enhance the experience. Also interactivity such as a response to knocking on the page create a new and fun way for young readers to fully enjoy books.

We are going to offer two picture book titles for purchase in late October: "Have You Seen My Crayons?" and "Knock Knock Knock".
Now accepting pre-orders.