Series currently in need of voice recordings
red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink,baby blue, gray, white, black, brown, navy, gold, lime, lavender,「1」〜「100」,「a」〜「z」
* You don’t have to complete each series. (e.g. only 1-20, only A-G) * Please note that not all voices are used. Thank you for your understanding.
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How to record and send
Please send the audio data as an attachment to the e-mail, please write your name and your child’s age.
  • Please prepare “Voice Memos” app for voice recording.
  • Start recording by pressing the red button and finish by pressing the Done button.
  • Please save the recording.
  • Select the file and push the Export icon.
  • Select Mail.
  • Write your name and your child’s age and please send to

* You can record and send with any device